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CIV ENG 101: Fluid Mechanics of Rivers, Streams, and Wetlands

CIV ENG 111L: Water and Air Quality Laboratory

CIV ENG 200A: Environmental Fluid Mechanics

CIV ENG 191: Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems Analysis

CIV ENG 200C: Transport and Mixing in the Environment

CIV ENG 219: Fluid Flow in Environmental Processes

GEOG C136/ESPM C130: Terrestrial Hydrology

ENGIN 187: Global Engineering: The Challenges of Globalization and Distruptive Innovation

ENV DES 4C: Future Ecologies: Urban Design, Climate Adaptation, and Thermodynamics

ESPM 222: Surface and Colloid Chemistry of Natural Particles

ESPM 2: The Biosphere

ESPM C216:Freswater Ecology

GEOG 40: Introduction to Earth System Science

LD ARCH 227: Restoration of Rivers and Streams

PLANTBI 135: Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants

Kristina Hill – Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning and Urban Design

William Dietrich – Earth and Planetary Science

Manuela Girotto – Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Ted Grantham – Environmental Science, Policy, and Management