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A, RESEC 241: Economics and Policy of Production, Technology and Risk in Agricultural and Natural Resources

Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Alexis Kaminski – Mechanical Engineering

American Water Works Association Scholarship

Amy Pickering – Environmental Engineering

ANTHRO 116: Environmental Effects on Human Health and Disease

Ashok Gadgil – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Berkeley Water Group IdeaLab

Boaxia Mi – Civil and Environmental Engineering

California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG)

California Student Sustainability Coalition CSSC

CHM ENG 90: Science and Engineering of Sustainable Energy

CIV ENG 101: Fluid Mechanics of Rivers, Streams, and Wetlands

CIV ENG 111: Environmental Engineering

CIV ENG 111L: Water and Air Quality Laboratory

CIV ENG 173: Groundwater and Seepage

CIV ENG 179: Geosystems Engineering Design

CIV ENG 191: Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems Analysis

CIV ENG 200A: Environmental Fluid Mechanics

CIV ENG 200C: Transport and Mixing in the Environment

CIV ENG 210: Control of Water-Related Pathogens

CIV ENG 215: Emerging Technologies for Water Sustainability

CIV ENG 219: Fluid Flow in Environmental Processes

CIV ENG 88B: Time Series Analysis: Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding

COLWRIT 150AC: Researching Water in the West: Its Presense, Its Absense, and Its Consequences for the People of California

Danielle Rivera – Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning

David Zilberman – Agricultural and Resource Economics

DEVP 227: Principles of Natural Resource Management

Ellen Bruno – Agricultural and Resource Economics

ENGIN 157AC: Engineering, The Environment, and Society

ENGIN 187: Global Engineering: The Challenges of Globalization and Distruptive Innovation

ENGIN 201: Graduate Ocean Engineering Seminar

ENV DES 4C: Future Ecologies: Urban Design, Climate Adaptation, and Thermodynamics

EPS 290: Glacial Geomorphology Seminar

EPS C100: Communicating Ocean Science

EPS C146: Geological Oceanography

ESPM 115B: Biology of Aquatic Insects

ESPM 15: Introduction to Environmental Sciences

ESPM 177A: Sustainable Water and Food Security

ESPM 2: The Biosphere

ESPM 222: Surface and Colloid Chemistry of Natural Particles

ESPM C107: Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands

ESPM C167: Environmental Health and Development

ESPM C216:Freswater Ecology

GEOG 129: Ocean Worlds

GEOG 140B: Physiography and Geomorphologic Extremes

GEOG 149B: Climate Impacts and Risk Analysis

GEOG 185: Earth System Remote Sensing

GEOG 40: Introduction to Earth System Science

GEOG C136/ESPM C130: Terrestrial Hydrology

Hannah Stuart – Mechanical Engineering

HISTART 38: Eco Art History in Asia

INTEGBI 153: Ecology

Jennifer Stokes-Draut – Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Jill F. Banfield – Earth and Planetary Science; Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Junko Habu – Anthropology

Kristina Hill – Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning and Urban Design

Laurel Larson – Geography

LD ARCH 201: Ecological Factors in Urban Landscape Design

LD ARCH 227: Restoration of Rivers and Streams

LD ARCH 237: The Process of Environmental Planning

M. Reza Alam – Mechanical Engineering

Manuela Girotto – Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Mary K. Firestone – Environmental Science, Policy, & Management

Maya Carrasquillo – Civil and Environmental Engineering

MEC ENG 160: Ocean Engineering Seminar

MEC ENG 168: Mechanics of Offshore Systems

MEC ENG 266: Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

Meg Mills-Novoa – Energy and Resources Group and Environmental Science, Policy, & Management

MESTU-198//DEVP W297: Global Health and Conflict in the Middle East and North Africa

National Water Research Institute

NUC ENG-224: Safety Assessment for Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes

Paolo D’Odorico – Environmental Science, Policy and Management

PB HLTH 170C: Drinking Water and Health

PB HLTH 271C: Drinking Water and Health

Peter Fiske – National Alliance for Water Innovation

PLANTBI 135: Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants

Roger Bales – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Stephanie M Carlson – Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Steven Glaser – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Surfrider Foundation Club (UC Berkeley Chapter)

Ted Grantham – Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

The California Sea Grant State Fellows Program

The Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc.

Water-Energy Resilience Research Institute

William Dietrich – Earth and Planetary Science

Words of the Watershed Journal